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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Of Political Swine Flu or MPs Expenses Scandal

The image is by Gussyb24

This headline caught my attention a few seconds ago - MP quits over non-existent mortgage. Mr Elliot Morley is an ex-labour minister who according to the news report, claimed £16,800 for interest on an already paid-off mortgage!

At this point in this whole brouhaha, I am supposed to have come to that stage where nothing should surprise me about these guys anymore, but to be honest with you I am still left dumbfounded and shocked at the level to which these guys degenerated over the years.

For me, ‘stupid’ or ‘irresponsible’ are not enough words to describe such callous and utter disregard for the taxpayer who slaves day-in-day-out for this money that these guys decided to squander on such frivolities.

Thinking about it a times, I just want to laugh. Why should I not? Who wouldn’t laugh over news of expenses being claimed for x-rated ‘porno’ dvds, or for second home expenses? Parents reading this would be smiling as it calls to mind the shenanigans of wayward children thinking they are smart, when in fact they portray stupidity like pages from an open book! Even the BNP is not any less guilty. They have all being dipping into the pie all this while, even the Conservatives, apparently dog food and a lawn mower are among items being mentioned! The Conservatives! Politicians! Pah!

Who loses out in all this? The taxpayer of course! The long-suffering taxpayer! I wonder if a taxpayer was caught in a situation like this what would happen? Face prosecution, perhaps some jail time? Hopefully, the reforms being bandied about will work out a way so that elected officials who are supposed to uphold the ‘moral fibre’ of society would not be allowed to get away with stuff like this.
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